What to expect?

Our CrossFit classes consist of a combination of Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Functional Gymnastics. 

These components can be trained individually or in combination depending on what the specific goal for each 1-hour class is. 

 Strength training can consist of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and functional gymnastics movements.

 Metabolic conditioning can consists of running, rowing, and biking mixed with reduced load weightlifting and gymnastics. 

Functional gymnastics can consist of simple movements like push-ups, pull ups, and burpees to more advanced movements like handstand pushups, rope climbs, and muscle ups.  

There are so many different exercises we use in CrossFit to ensure your workouts will always be new and challenging!

What if I’m new to CrossFit?

No worries!!  The CrossFit program is designed to fit any fitness level.  ALL workouts and movements are scalable to your experience and skill level.  Our coaches are trained on how to offer you the best possible workout based on your goals and comfort level. 

Most classes are 60 minutes long, and will follow a flow along these lines:
• Introductions & Warm-up
• Coach explains and demos the workout, as well as scaling options.
•  Strength or skill work
• The Metcon (conditioning)
• Cool down/recovery